Royal Academy submission – RIGGED (rejected – better luck next time!)


Click on my video to see the piece in detail.

This is a VERY different piece for me, but I’ve enjoyed painting it as an entry into the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2022. There is obviously a selection process that takes a couple of months.

The theme for this year is ‘Climate’; this is a global topic close to my heart.

I’ve focused on the increasing problems of fossil fuel, mainly

the increase of oil spills in our oceans.

Global warming is causing more frequent storms, which, in turn, increases the chance of our oil rigs malfunctioning.

Oil spills destroy wildlife, having a significant impact on coastal and marine ecosystems. Habitats can suffer from adverse effects for years.

I decided to cut up my artwork, to depict destruction, and did this in a controlled manner rather than tearing the paper haphazardly. I have tried to emphasise how our world suffers from Controlled Destruction, mainly from giant corporations.

We are all at the mercy of this control, and we have to ask ourselves… Is everything RIGGED?