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Hi, I’m Ruth

I capture the essence of the sea’s energy for people who want to bring the ocean into their own homes; my goal is to help people feel joyful and uplifted by the power and true majesty of the sea in motion.


I’ve recently bought Ruth’s watercolour “On the Wing”, which shows huge waves crashing onto a rocky shore, and a gannet deciding whether or not to risk a dive. You can almost feel the impact of the water on the cliff, and hear the uproar of the waves, and feel the salt spray in the wind. I was first attracted to this picture because of her uncanny ability to show seawater in violent motion, with all its subtle ever-changing colours and textures. Also, I like gannets, and she has painted this one exquisitely.

Steve Smith


When I first saw Ruth Clayton’s seascape painting it was at a time of uncertainty in my life.
I loved the colours which seemed to be infused with energy of the waves.

Ruth had captured the power and the dramatic force of the sea and the seagull fighting its way through.

I’m so happy that I bought the painting.

Susan Shipley