Eden Gallery – Newburgh ‘Worth a thousand words’ open art exhibition

14th January to 18th April 2023




I am delighted to announce that I have had three pieces of artwork accepted by Eden Gallery in Newburgh. Lancashire for their new upcoming exhibition, ‘Worth a thousand words.’

This was an interesting title to work towards and something I had never done before. I love to write Haiku’s, short Japanese poems that are three lines long. I decided to work in reverse, write the Haiku first, and then paint my image to reflect the poem. I really enjoyed this way of working and may continue to do this in the future.

As well as having the written poem alongside the paintings, on two of them, I went one step further and embossed part of the poem into the painting itself, using embossing stamping tools. This is quite subtle but hopefully will create some interest for the viewers as they stop and search for the words.